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The Interptr Network

With dedicated GPU servers in Europe and on each of the US East and West coasts, Interptr has been online 24/7 since March of 2021 and is committed to providing fast and reliable live-stream transcoding for broadcasters as well as a great value proposition for delegators. We’ve earned over 4.5 Eth in the past 15 months (March 2022 – June 2023) for our transcoding work – and shared 75% of that with our delegators!

Our sharing structure, consisting of our fee cut of 25% and 4% reward cut, is one of the most generous among all top performing Orchestrators. This means you, as a delegator, will keep 96% of inflationary LPT rewards and share in 75% of all ETH earned for transcoding! We do call ‘reward’ for inflationary LPT daily, and with your stake, we can bring more work to the Interptr transcoding nodes and generate even more ETH to share.

Feel free to @ message us on the livepeer Discord (@_ptr | interptr.eth) if you need help getting LPT onto the Arbitrum network.

( Disclaimer: The transcoding fees ( in ETH ) are split according to % of LPT delegated – which includes our own self-stake of ~150 LPT which we’ve put in to kick start work to our nodes )

Interptr is currently in the top 20 in daily and weekly average performance globally and hoping to get back to our previous #1 spot someday, which we held for most of Q4 2021. You can check the current leaderboard here.

( screenshot from 12-15-21, we maintained #1 position for nearly all of Q4 2021 )

Our scores haven’t gone down, but many other orchestrators have expanded to cover more of the globe and so are currently scored higher than our average ~9 out of 10. We’re hoping to expand to more nodes soon ( If you have any reasonably-priced hosted GPU suggestions – please reach out!)

Staking is as easy as connecting your wallet containing LivePeer tokens, selecting the amount and confirming – MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Fortmatic, and Portis wallets are all supported :

For more in-depth information about staking with the Livepeer network, you can:

  • Check out the 10-minute primer
  • Try visiting the FAQ
  • Join the Discord – Contact us there, username: ‘interptr’. You’ll need to ask to ‘add me as a friend’ to have a chat, we block messages from unknown users to discourage scammers and spam.
  • Follow us on Twitter